Fake it 'til you make it! Body language expert reveals how you can appear more confident and attractive with just a simple head tilt 

  • New York-based body language expert Tonya Reiman, 45, gave lessons on exuding confidence to 'convey that you're a girl boss' in a new interview

The difference between getting the date or getting the job can often be down to one thing: confidence.

Now Tonya Reiman, 45, a New York-based body language expert, has revealed her tips and tricks for achieving the perfect level of cool confidence in a new interview with Byrdie, saying that they can be used to make a good impression anywhere from in a job interview to on a first date.

Although some of the tips are more obvious than others, some of the more subtle gestures that can make a huge difference may surprise you.

Got the look: A body language expert reveals the secrets behind looking confident, with smiling and showing off good posture among the biggest tips (file photo)


According to Tonya, tension in a person's face can help others read their negative emotions like a page in a book. 

Whether that be the furrowing of a brow or tightly-clenched teeth, these discernible motions show off a lack of confidence or comfort.

Tonya recommends taking a deep breath and allowing the facial muscles to relax, as well as controlling the urge to take shallow breaths which, when coupled with the occasional deep breath, convey anxiousness. 

In the know: Body language expert Tonya Reiman (pictured), 45, also recommends head tilting 


Probably one of the more obvious additions on Tonya's list is straight posture - but not for all the reasons one might think.

'Typically, individuals who are lacking confidence will slouch over, shoulders forward,' Tonya says. 'We unconsciously slouch in order to become smaller and less noticeable.'

Aside from the fact that standing tall has a big effect on how people perceive you, Tonya adds that it sees that 'more oxygen is released to the brain, which in turn makes you feel healthier, livelier and rids the body of toxins'.

She also recommends walking with the hands turned down as exposing the palms can be interpreted as a submissive gesture. 


According to Tonya, smiling not only a way to boost your looks, but actually has a chemical effect on other people, boosting 'feel good transmitters in the brain'. 

She adds that putting on a big grin is actually contagious to others, both in feeling and in action, as 'others can't help but smile back'. 


It's a subtle motion that most don't even realize they are doing, but Tonya reveals that a tiny tilt to the head can say a lot about your confidence.

For a date situation, the author recommends a specific series of movements including facing the date, holding eye contact and then tilting your head to the left while talking, which she claims boosts attractiveness.

As for literally the other side of the spectrum, Tonya claims a head tilt to the right makes you appear trustworthy to others. 


Lastly, Tonya - who is also an ambassador for soap and fragrance brand Caress - covers what she calls 'invisible cues', singling out certain types of scents for certain situations.

Starting with a base scent by using a scented body wash in the shower,  

At the end of the day, invisible cues can be as strong as visible ones. Reiman says that scent is a major factor in attraction, and can instantly make you

more confident, too. “Notes such as vanilla, amber, sandalwood, and musk can actually enhance any other fragrance that you wear,” she says. She recommends creating a base for your scent starting in the shower with a fragrant body wash, before adding a spritz of your favorite perfume.