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Tonya Reiman

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Appear more confident and attractive with just a simple head tilt
Tonya Reiman
Body language expert reveals how you can appear more confident and attractive with just a simple head tilt keep reading

PIX11 News Body Language Expert Tonya Reiman analyzes Bill Cosby 12 16 14
Tonya Reiman
Body Language analysis of Bill and Camille Cosby. keep reading

"Detecting Deception" Webinar hosted by Tonya Reiman, Patryk Wezowski and Kasia Wezowski
Tonya Reiman
How do you know if somebody tells the truth or not? Discover the most reliable signs in our next webinar… How to Detect Deception in Business and your Personal Life Through Body Language and Micro Expressions Analysis keep reading

Is he into you?
Tonya Reiman
http://www.tipsonlifeandlove.com/love-and-relationships/is-he-into-you-9-signs-he-might-be keep reading

The Right Way to Be a Fantastic Listener
Tonya Reiman
Listening is not just about hearing what the other person is saying. It's also about letting them know through your body language that you are focused on them and what they are saying... keep reading

Discover the Secrets to Mirroring the Other Person
Tonya Reiman
Click to discover what it means to mirror another person's body language. It may not be what you think. Copying is a big no-no, however you should... keep reading

Shaking Hands to Build Rapport
Tonya Reiman
Shaking hands really is something we do almost every single day and since it something we do so naturally that we often forget to think about what our handshake says about us. Have you ever noticed your own reactions when someone only gives you their fingers in their attempt at a handshake or grips your hand too tight... keep reading

Deceitful Gestures: Lying or not Lying?
Tonya Reiman
Discover some of the key signals people portray when being deceitful. When you know what to look for - you are in the power position. One thing someone might do when lying is... keep reading

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