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Sample Articles from this site

Here are a few sample articles to give you an idea of the kind of articles you will find in the Subscribers Area of this site.

These articles are reprinted as they originally appeared in the members only section of this site.

"Detecting Deception" Webinar hosted by Tonya Reiman, Patryk Wezowski and Kasia Wezowski
Tonya Reiman
How do you know if somebody tells the truth or not? Discover the most reliable signs in our next webinar… How to Detect Deception in Business and your Personal Life Through Body Language and Micro Expressions Analysis . . . keep reading
She Does Exist: the Unveiling of the Alpha Female
Tonya Reiman
The study of man and his rise to the (perceived) top of food, power, and intelligence chains reaches into history's archives, and beyond. The evolution of man is a mural into which a vast number of man hours and resources have been invested. Among these studies is the examination of the psychology and behavior of the alpha male. Learn more about it in my new book, THE BODY LANGUAGE OF DATING! . . . keep reading
Herman Cain on Libya - body language
Tonya Reiman
Watch Cain as he answers the question -- first, he touches his tie, looks a . . . keep reading
Anatomy of the Alpha Male From Identification to Impersonation
Tonya Reiman
Since humans first lay metatarsals (and even before that, phalanges) on the earth, there have been alpha males. They've gotten the chicks, the success, the respect, and the other fringe benefits that come with social and sexual power, for millions of years. But why? Why do other men figuratively, and literally, bow to these strong characters? Why do women swoon over them with interest that can only be described as sexual veneration? . . . keep reading
The Reptilian Brain: A Prehistoric Hold-Over, Hiding out in the Human Head
Tonya Reiman
The Reptilian Brain: A Prehistoric Hold-Over, Hiding out in the Human Head This is the story of a man. A simple man, really; average in every way; typical in looks, intelligence, and charm. I invite you to travel along with us; to discover how the oldest and most universal part of his brain affects his day, his views, his dealings with those around him, and his status in the world. Join me, won't you? Meet Jack and his reptilian brain. . . . keep reading
Hey There, Doll Face: Challenging Lady Gaga's Doe-Eyed Craze How Circle Lenses can Sabotage the Best Sexual Efforts
Tonya Reiman
Googly eyes. Maybe you haven't laid peepers on a pair since you glued a set to a pompom head in preschool, or since you winced under the gaze of the Economics professor who left his hyperthyroidism untreated. But if you're a monster (i.e. a Lady Gaga fan), you've borne witness to a more contemporary set of ogling eyeballs. In her Bad Romance video, Gaga portrays a sensory-deprived victim of the sex trade (i.e. the music industry) who manipulates the system to join forces with the organization. Near the beginning of Gaga's transformation from a drugged slave to a triumphant member of the organization, she's shown being cleansed and beaten while wearing virginal white and an immaculate shade of strawberry blond hair. These facets speak to her innocence, but none are as powerful as her huge, round, childlike eyes. Despite the fact that these eyes are not real (they're generated with feature-altering computer software), there are a significant number of women who have set out to mimic Gaga's doe-eyed look. And they're not doing it in 2 dimensions, in photos or on computer screens, but rather in real, 3D existence -- with a controversial trend… led by the large and deceptively-in-charge circle lens. . . . keep reading
Calling up Sales Success with Telephone Persuasion Receiver Secrets for Seizing Your YES
Tonya Reiman
If you're in sales, you know the disenchantment that comes with bringing home the Spam, after having developed a palate for bacon. Or, you know the disappointment that comes when you're hoping to make the best of that Spam, with a sandwich, but find that you haven't made enough dough to bake the bread for it. So hang up that phone. Don't make or take another call until you've read through my tips for converting cold calls to warm clients. . . . keep reading
Presuppositions + Nominalizations = YES Simple Equation, Dynamic Summation
Tonya Reiman
Presuppositions + Nominalizations = YES Simple Equation, Dynamic Summation We're all salespeople. Whether you're selling a car, the latest exercise gadget, an idea to a spouse, a personality to a dating prospect, or a resume to an interviewer, you peddle your goods every day, in the continuous quest for the ultimate preliminary payment of YES. That YES can then open doors to prestige, money, relationships, harmony, and the many faces of success, as defined by you. Your Metaphorical YES-Mart . . . keep reading
Get the YES with Custom Framing Frame and Reframe Situations for Persuasive Communication
Tonya Reiman
Many struggles that people face at home, at the office, in school, and on the dating scene, stem from their inability to get another party to say one simple word: YES. With a yes, comes open doors, tickets in, passes for the party, a wave-through for the promotion, a paycheck from the sale…but without it, you've got the same old thing as yesterday. In your quest for more YESes, your frame of mind, the reframing of circumstances, and your ability to pull others into your frame are invaluable tools. Your situation, or the situation of your target, doesn't have to change -- only the perception of that situation needs to change -- so it's made clear that you're the best person to relieve pain or improve the forecast. And that's where your frame of mind (and your ability to pack it with portraits of clients, dates, and bosses) comes in. Manipulating Mind Strings with Words If you were selling home security systems to a fearful family, would you refer to criminals as dirty rotten thieves or ingenious opportunists? Would your description change if you were selling black market stereos to a middle man? If you met a fun-loving girl in whom you were romantically interested, would you refer to yourself as a hopeless workaholic or a motivated individual? Would your self-depiction change if you were talking to a buddy about your high stress level, and lack of free time? . . . keep reading
Attracting a Mate Your Proactive Guide to the Questioning of Fate
Tonya Reiman
Do you believe in fate? Your knee-jerk reaction might be to answer, "Yes." But do you really know what fate is? Sure, romantic comedies and romance novels are overflowing with the notion that if two people are meant to be together, no mountain range, stormy sea, or bad breath can come between them. It's a sweet notion, believing that there's one person out there, roaming the earth aimlessly, searching for you and only you; and that the stars will align, the sea will part, in order to orchestrate a scene in which the two of you will run through a field of daisies and into each other's open arms. Really? I happen to know that you are not a puppet of fate, stirred and shaken by an unseen force that has already made every decision for you. We are all highly cognitive beings, finely equipped to draw a definitive line between fact and fiction. Stay with me to learn how you may have been underestimating your power to map your own route to love. Discover how you can use your own inborn nature, united with a healthy dose of free thinking and free will, to concoct a brew that suggests romantic success. . . . keep reading
Credible and Trustworthy Language Equals Workplace Success Mind your Business with Authentic Tools of Persuasion
Tonya Reiman
Whether you answer directly to a manager, a CEO, or prospective and long-time clients (or if you're job searching -- looking for any of the above), trustworthiness and credibility are two of the most powerful tools that you can wield. Of course, the best way to establish trustworthiness is to prove that your work habits are trustworthy. But what if a new situation places you on a professional chopping block? How can you prove that you are credible and trustworthy to a stranger, or to those who haven't yet had the opportunity to gauge your performance? . . . keep reading
Personal Goals: Take Aim and Score Multiply your Chances for Goal Realization
Tonya Reiman
Personal Goals: Take Aim and Score Multiply your Chances for Goal Realization "People with goals succeed because they know where they are going." Earl Nightingale Dreams and wishes. There's no shortage of them in world, that's for sure. But then why are so many unrealized? Not all aspirations are achievable. Some are unworkable because of environmental issues (physical limitations, age, location or travel restraints), while others are unworkable only because they're not supported by good goal-setting techniques. There is a continental divide that runs between wishes and goals. Wishes are unattainable, because inactive dreaming is their greatest asset. Good goals are attainable, because they're realistic, and when attacked with the right skills, can be realilzed. . . . keep reading
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