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Every week we email a free body language tip, technique, or strategy.

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Appear more confident and attractive with just a simple head tilt
Tonya Reiman
Body language expert reveals how you can appear more confident and attractive with just a simple head tilt keep reading

Tonya Reiman joins the Kennedy Nation to discuss the body language of Joe Biden and John Travolta
Tonya Reiman
Watch the nonverbals between the women and girls that VP Joe Biden interacts with. Interesting. Scarlett Johansson at least smiled after realizing it was John Travolta, although his touch was definitely inappropriate. keep reading

Kanye West at the Grammys. "Kan Ye" believe he did it again???
Tonya Reiman
Notice to look of contempt and anger in these stills by himself and with Beck - keep in mind, he did this several years ago with Taylor Swift and he obviously still feels the same way (see photo) keep reading

Nervousness leaks all the time
Tonya Reiman
Body language - Even when we smile, nervousness leaks out from our bodies - take a look. keep reading

Body Language - how would you like this handshake?
Tonya Reiman
Can you imagine shaking hands and having the person look at someone else? keep reading

Tonya Reiman
Body language of the hands keep reading

"Detecting Deception" Webinar hosted by Tonya Reiman, Patryk Wezowski and Kasia Wezowski
Tonya Reiman
How do you know if somebody tells the truth or not? Discover the most reliable signs in our next webinar… How to Detect Deception in Business and your Personal Life Through Body Language and Micro Expressions Analysis keep reading

2-19-08: Tugging at the Ear
Tonya Reiman
What does it mean when someone tugs at their ear while you are speaking with them? Sure they could have an itch or it might be that... keep reading

2-19-08: Crossing of the Arms
Tonya Reiman
What does it mean when someone crosses their arms? Is there anything you can do to stop this body language. What would you do to get someone to uncross their arms? This scenario is designed to... keep reading

1-29-08: Flirting is Fun
Scenario: You spot someone attractive from across the room. You want them to know that you are interested. What do you do? Women are often good at flirting and guys... well... they are usually clueles keep reading

1-15-08: Make Eye Contact
Tonya Reiman
Do you make eye contact? When you are listening to someone else are you listening and making eye contact or thinking about what you are going to say next? Learn about the eye/nose triangle... keep reading

1-7-08: Give Them Something to Drink!
Tonya Reiman
If you ever sit across from someone at a table for business or for pleasure, this week's tip may come in handy... keep reading

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