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Wednesday, Apr 03, 2013
Sarah Palin Body Language with Matt Lauer
By Tonya Reiman
Wednesday, Apr 03, 2013 04:03
there are THREE (3) major moments I want you guys to focus on. First at approx 1:14 when Lauer mentions Palin's name - watch how he looks down (can't look her in the eye out of what I would assume is discomfort). Second 5:17 when Lauer mentions that Palin was plucked from obscurity.... watch Palin's face go from disagreement (puckered lips) to absolute anger (watch the mouth and eyes). Third - LISTEN and watch Palin at the very end when Lauer reminds her by participating in this next segment she is now part of the "lame street media" - note her discomfort. Her voice goes up and becomes very childlike as she states"thank you so much", she rubs her hands together anxiously, her tongue rolls back, and she shifts around in her chair..... EXCELLENT stuff.

Wednesday, Mar 14, 2012
In the News from News Hounds and liking it - I really enjoy Jon Stewart although I know that is a controversial statement.
By Tonya Reiman
Wednesday, Mar 14, 2012 12:16

Jon Stewart Shows Some Real Anger During His Latest Take-Down Of Fox News POSTED BY AUNTY EM ERICANN -1PC ON MARCH 14, 2012 · FLAG Leave it to Jon Stewart, and the writers of the Daily Show, to put the Rush Limbaugh 3-week national brouhaha into its proper perspective. While he starts with "Radio shock blob Rush Limbaugh" and his "daily noon to 3 afternoon mouth dump," it's not very long before he's onto one of his (and our) favorite topics: Fox "News" Channel. Stewart was clearly having fun with this segment until one point where it appeared he allowed some real life anger to show through.

Stewart made the point that Fox "News" was heavily invested into making the Limbaugh issue go away by reporting ad infinitum about the false equivalency of what Bill Maher said. "Fox is saying, 'Huh? So we're even, right? Offsetting penalties. Let's just say we all get back on what really matters to Americans: whether Obama is a Sunni or a Shiite.'"

However, it's when Stewart mentions how, despite the Fox "News" Talking Points, there are still consequences for comedians who go too far, and referenced Michael Richards, Tracy Jordon, and himself as examples of people who have felt the consequences of their words, do we see his anger. After making fun of how he was called a racist when he mocked the oh-so-mockable Herman Cain, a dark moment appeared to intrude:

"And it's not just news networks calling you racist that are the repercussions that comedians face at times. It's the letters that they get, many of them handwritten…some of them containing white powder in the envelopes."

Watch Jon's face. It doesn't take Tonya Reiman, Bill O'Reilly's body language expert, to see he's not joking. Anger, regret, and sadness seemed to cross his face in a flash before he recovers and gets off two mild cocaine jokes. He's clearly referring to the recent incident when anonymous threats of biological attacks were issued against senators, media organizations, and some tee vee shows, including his and The Colbert Report.

Despite this slight pulling back of the curtain, this might be one of Stewart's best--and funniest--and most justified--attacks on Fox "News." The segment ended with Stewart looking deep inside himself, and then into Camera 1, and expressing his most heartfelt and carefully thought-out opinion on the entire matter:

"And, by the way, I'm not saying speech should be policed and censored, and boycotted, or that people don't have the right to say crazy things, or to boycott things. I don't believe that's true. I think speech should be much freer. But here's one thing I do believe: Fox, shut the fuck up ABOUT HOW VICTIMIZED YOU AND YOU ALONE ARE!!! NOBODY CARES!!!" [Emphasis in original; Video below the fold.]

Wednesday, Feb 15, 2012
Self Magazine asked me for some DATING TIPS!
By Tonya Reiman
Wednesday, Feb 15, 2012 08:21
see all blog posts » The Right Way to Flirt (and What You're Doing Wrong!) Tuesday, February 14, 2012 at 3:00 PM | posted by April Daniels Hussar Don't have a Valentine this year? It's not too late! A flip of your hair, a smile, a casual touch on the sleeve ... all of these little things speak louder than words when it comes to flirting.

Just how important is body language? "It is the core of meeting another person," says Tonya Reiman, body language expert and author of The Body Language of Dating. "When we see someone we are interested in, we send out signals, and the person of interest reacts with either a yes or no response."

And believe it or not, the ladies are usually the ones sending out the signals. "Interestingly, men believe that they are the ones to initiate contact; however, the majority of the time they are merely responding to signals women have sent out," says Reiman, adding that 50 percent of men will not approach a woman who has not demonstrated some level of interest.

Ian Kerner, sex and relationships counselor and founder of GoodInBed.com, agrees. "Body language is incredibly important in conveying to a guy that you are interested in him," he says. "As soon as a woman does something really nice, like touching a guy on the shoulder, or laughing and giving him a little punch on the chest -- that goes a long way toward a guy feeling more comfortable and intimate," Kerner says, adding that this kind of body language lets a man know he's not crazy for feeling like you're interested in him.

So what do guys really like when it comes to flirting? "Flirtatious eye contact is good," says Kerner. "If you're looking away too often, that can be a bit of a turn-off because it seems like maybe you're flirting with someone else."

However, don't take it to the far extreme and try to engage your intended in a staring contest. "Prolonged eye contact can make guys uncomfortable," says Kerner.

Overall, Kerner says guys respond well to gestures that are "natural, sexy and coy without being overly wanton." Kerner adds that men tend to be more physically claustrophobic than women, so don't lay it on too thick, or do something that makes you feel uncomfortable. It's all about being natural, confident and sexy.

So how SHOULD you flirt? Here are Reiman's top flirting "dos":

- Display your wrists, which "demonstrate a slight level of vulnerability."

- Hair "preening" -- playing with or smoothing your hair -- not only tells a guy that you care about your appearance, it but also releases pheromones from your underarms. Who knew?

- A genuine smile usually elicits a smile back and a good feeling in the receiver.

- Self touch, like fondling your jewelry or touching your hair -- helps to soothe nerves and also sends a clear "touch me" signal to a man.

- Show your throat! Reiman says, "A jugular display, tilting the head to the left, tells a man that you don't fear approach and demonstrates openness." Reiman adds that studies from the Journal of Nonverbal Behavior have demonstrated that if you tilt your head eight degrees to the left, you will be seen as more sexually appealing.

- Make eye contact, look down toward his mouth, continue a downward glance and then reconnect with his peepers. This sends a clear signal of interest.

One last tip: Don't fiddle with your phone! "We tend to check our phones when we become nervous, but this can send a signal of boredom," says Reiman. Happy flirting!

Friday, Feb 10, 2012
Article from NewsMax
By Tonya Reiman
Friday, Feb 10, 2012 09:39
Newsmax Expert: Hillary Appears Confident Monday, November 26, 2007 10:37 AM By: Ronald Kessler

In the most recent presidential debates, Hillary Clinton had the best body language among the leading candidates, according to Tonya Reiman, Bill O'Reilly's body language expert.

"Hillary has looked to me powerful and confident and at times nurturing," Reiman tells Newsmax. "She has been strong, both in her verbals and nonverbals, and I don't mean the words that she's been using," Reiman says. "I mean just her tone, her pitch."

In particular, Reiman noted the way she holds a microphone.

"She seems to be holding it with a passion, as if she's more nurturing," Reiman says.

In contrast, Mitt Romney gives the impression of someone who is not as committed but who is very smooth, in a good sense. Romney's body language says he is "relaxed and has everything covered. It's all about charisma with him. He just reminds me a lot of Bill Clinton," Reiman says.

While Rudy Giuliani comes across "at times as more sincere than Romney, Romney comes across as smoother, like John Edwards." In contrast, Reiman finds John McCain's movements to be stiff and stilted.

While Clinton has come off the best so far, Reiman says she wants to watch the next Republican debate before making a final determination of who has the best body language. She emphasizes that body language does not necessarily reveal whether a candidate is sincere. A pathological liar, for example, may project trustworthiness when, in fact, he is lying. And she says her impressions could change with the next debates.

Reiman's book, "The Power of Body Language: How to Succeed in Every Business and Social Encounter," has just come out. Despite her weekly appearances on Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor," Reiman's background has never appeared in the press. [Editor's Note: Get Tonya Reiman's book, "The Power of Body Language" -- go here now.]

Born on Long Island, she married at 19 and attended Pace University while working as an analyst for Goldman Sachs. At Pace, from which she graduated, a psychology professor interested her in proxemics, the study of the nature, degree, and effect of the spatial separation individuals naturally maintain.

Reiman left Goldman Sachs to become a full-time mom, She then became interested in hypnotism, in coaching people on how they can improve the way they present themselves, and in giving public talks about body language.

In October 2006, Reiman appeared on "Access Hollywood" to analyze Mel Gibson's body language. A few weeks later, a producer for Bill O'Reilly asked her to appear on the show. On the evening of the requested appearance, she was planning to take her daughter to a New York City play, so she declined. The producer pushed.

"What if we pick you up from the restaurant, bring you over to the studio, you can look at some footage, we'll bring you back to the restaurant so your daughter doesn't miss anything, then we'll drive you to the play," he said. "We'll wait outside until the play is over, and then we'll swoop you back to the studio, and you can do the show.'"

On the show, Reiman evaluated Bill and Hillary Clinton's body language at a speech she gave. She concluded that the pats they gave each other as they hugged demonstrated a lack of genuine romantic involvement.

Reiman, who appears every Monday on "The O'Reilly Factor," is not paid for her appearances, but the publicity raises her profile as a coach and public speaker.

I first met Reiman in the Fox News green room while waiting to appear on the "The O'Reilly Factor" about my book "The Terrorist Watch: Inside the Desperate Race to Stop the Next Attack." After she shook my hand firmly, I asked her who her fourth grade teacher was. She looked me straight in the eye and said, "Mrs. Hauser."

Reiman knew I was playing an old FBI trick. Profilers have found that when a right-handed person looks to his left when asked a question, it may mean he is genuinely trying to remember the answer and attempting to tell the truth. If such a person looks to his right, he may be trying to create information -- in other words, to lie. Conversely, left-handed people usually look to the left when they are lying.

To get people to honestly search their memories, I have asked dozens of people who their fourth grade teacher was. Invariably, if they are right-handed, they have looked to the left. By looking straight at me, Reiman foiled my little plan.

Later, I asked Reiman for her tips on creating the best body language.

"One of the things you want to do is walk tall," she says. "When they're not feeling confident, people tend to drop their neck into their shoulders and slump down a little bit. One of the things that I tell people to do is drop their shoulders down and elongate their necks and to smile. Smiling sets off good feelings in the prefrontal cortex, so it kind of makes you feel better about life. So I tell them: make eye contact, smile, elongate your neck, and fix your posture."

To appear trustworthy, "You have to make sure that when you're talking to someone, your body is pointing toward them, your feet are pointing toward them," Reiman says. "Your feet are really significant, because your feet tell where you actually want to be. So if I'm having a conversation with you and I'm facing you, the upper body is facing you, but you look down and my feet are pointed towards the door, well you can assume that I really want to get away, I'm looking to get out. And I'm really just giving you face time."

Reiman also advises people to tilt their heads when speaking with others.

"You want to lean into them a little bit, but never entering into their intimate personal space," she says."Because what you're trying to convey is your level of interest so that in their mind they are the only people that matter. And just that little interaction can cause them to begin to really trust you and feel rapport."

In the next Republican debate scheduled for Nov. 28, Reiman will be watching to see if candidates pull their lips in when answering a question.

"You don't want to be the person who sucks in your lip when you're getting ready to answer a question," she says. "It's called an inward lip roll. It indicates either that you're hiding something, that you're frustrated, or that you're anxious."

Ronald Kessler is chief Washington correspondent of Newsmax.com. View his previous reports and get his dispatches sent to you free via e-mail. Go here now.

© Newsmax. All rights reserved.

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