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Tonya is the author of "The Power of Body Language" "The YES Factor" and "The Body Language of Dating".
get a copy of The Body Language of Dating by clicking here: http://www.amazon.com/Body-Language-Dating-Read-Signals/dp/1451624344/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1325209437&sr=1-1

Get a copy of The Yes Factor
by clicking here:

• Make an excellent first impression immediately by winning trust and credibility before you even open your mouth.

• Learn to pick up on the subtle cues that let you know what others are really thinking. Observing word choices and body language will enable you to respond to the motivations behind what everyone else in your world is saying.

• Persuade others to see you as a yes for job interviews. That decision to interview you (or show you the door) will be made in seconds, not minutes. You have no time to waste.

• Develop phone confidence. Perfect your pitch so that you can avoid both the anxiety-driven shrill voice and the too-low monotone.

• Feel comfortable in your own skin and make others feel comfortable around you. In other words, connect.

• Relate easily to the opposite sex. Learn how to send the message you intend.

• Make others feel special. A--and not because you want something from them.

• Be an inspiration by example.

• Control situations without being Machiavellian.

• Communicate your ideas with subtle authority.

• Gain long-term trust.

• Build relationships--for life.

• Exude confidence through authenticity.

• Be the Alpha You!

• Get anyone to say yes to you.

You can do it, and this book will show you how.

You can order your copy of "The Power of Body Language" at Amazon.com
by clicking here.

What does it mean when the person
you are talking to points his feet away from you?

Where is the best place to stand in a room
if you want people to notice you?

What are the most common
signs of female/male sexual interest?

What are the five strategies for seeming interested
in a boring business meeting?

When is smiling an attractor
and when is it a turnoff?

Could an innocent head tilt send the message
that you're easily manipulated?

America's Body Language Expert

Tonya Reiman

shows you how to unlock

The Power of Body Language

Learn to use it. Learn to read others.
And tap into success like never before.

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