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Here are a few sample videos that will show you Tonya in action on The O'Reilly Factor as well as some BLU members analyzing various videos. You can catch Tonya analyzing the Body Language of celebrities, politicians and various television personalities.

Tonya is truly gifted at analyzing other people's Body Language and can help you become a master communicator.

Body Language at The APEC Summit
Tonya Reiman
Watch the various body language movements during the APEC Summit. keep reading

Tonya Reiman on The Couch discussing Holiday Tips
Tonya Reiman
Body Language Expert Shares Tips For Holiday Parties Send the right message at this year's office party or family gathering. Tonya Reiman is a body language expert and she visited The Couch to share some great tips. keep reading

Morning Joe. Mika Brzezinski and the Preening Effect
Tonya Reiman
The Preening Effect is quite significant. Does it mean you are attracted to an individual? Not always, it does mean you are enjoying the attention. Let's see what Mika does when she is paid a compliment. keep reading

How to be a better listener
How to be a better listener. keep reading

Do Women Apologize Too Much?
Tonya Reiman
Women say Im Sorry too much - Take a moment and check it out. Good Morning America with Body Language Expert Tonya Reiman. keep reading

body language - Nancy Pelosi's delayed hand gesture
Tonya Reiman
Body Language of Nancy Pelosi - watch how her hand is slightly delayed the first time she slams it down midway through saying the word REPUBLICAN. This indicates the slap down was an afterthought. The second time she slams it down, it comes earlier, this is a more natural gesture. keep reading

Body Language of President Bush
Tonya Reiman
Body Language of President Bush. keep reading

Tonya on "The Couch"
Tonya Reiman
Body Language and Nonverbal Communication keep reading

Is this how we treat others? Kudos to President Obama.
Tonya Reiman
Watch the body language of President Obama as he shakes the hand of a bobby and the PM looks like he is almost taunting him. keep reading

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